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Upasana is a ridiculously talented artist who chronicles her art at Upasana’s Art Page. Her keen attention to detail can be seen everywhere in her wedding, right from the invitation to the cute little planner she made for herself! Upasana, and her husband, Harri make such a good looking couple, it’s unfair 🙂 Before we get on to the photos, here is some wisdom from the bride –

The one thing that I was clear about right from the beginning was to come up with a budget and stick to it. It is easy to get carried away and spend more than intended especially when its your wedding because hey, you get married only once, but honestly, I preferred spending some of the money set aside for the wedding on my other priorities and dreams. Yes, I did splurge here and there (saints don’t buy Satya Paul sarees even off a sale and Stylesmith cost a pretty penny indeed), but it was totally worth it because I worked on a budget. Also, since I live abroad, I sadly don’t get wear to sarees so often as I do back home. So I wore my mother’s wedding saree, one of my grandmother’s sarees and my sister’s bangles for the smaller rituals and this not only added an element of sentiment, but also allowed me to spend a little more on the new things I got! New Year and Pongal sales helped me save quite a bit too and I bought only what I’d use even after the wedding. We used a part of the money we saved for a good cause and the rest of it was spent on travel over the year. I’m glad everything went as planned and because of the people who helped put it together, my wedding was jaam-jaam in its own right!


Wedding Notes:

Venue: AIOBEU Swastika, Chennai

Upasana’s Sarees: Varamahalakshmi, Babu Sha, Rajamanicka Mudaliar (all Kanchipuram). Reception Saree – Satya Paul

Mehendi Artist: Ayesha

Catering: Pattappa

Hair & Makeup: Rachel, Stylesmith

Invites: Lotus Cards, Chennai

Photographer: Venkat Balaji

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