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Shalini Narayanan is a makeup artist who is based out of Bangalore (Ok fine, Bengaluru), and has experience with not just wedding makeup, but also ads, and a number of corporate shoots (including brands like Tetley Green Tea and Cafe Coffee Day!). We are thrilled to feature this versatile makeup artist on our blog.

How did you start out? 

From a film student to a makeup artist ,my journey has been rather adventurous yet creative. I worked as a makeup consultant at Mac cosmetics over 3yrs and rediscovered my hidden talent and brought out my inner artistic abilities. Since then with my learning and interaction with the world standard makeup artists, I broke out of the monotonous corporate setup and set out to discover different areas of our lifestyle and beauty industry. Since then I started freelancing as a professional makeup artist.

What do you love about weddings? 
Weddings have been a day to day affair, ever since I started freelancing!  I love interacting with different brides of various religion and cultures… My knowledge and my perception to life has changed tremendously because of my interaction with many brides! The colourful decor, the tasty food and the fabulous setup gets better each time. Every bride is unique, so to break through their creativity with makeup and hair is a big task! But end of the day I enjoy every moment being part of these special occasions.

What sets you apart/what is your specialty as a makeup artist?

I as an artist is remembered and recognised by every bride  cause I closely interact with their family and friends and become a part of their big day! I dress up each an every bride and stay till the end moment till she walks down the aisle, and I never finish my work and walk out leaving things vaguely. I am very professional and punctual, and I don’t throw tantrums or moods wings. Every bride is special for me!

Shalini does makeup, hair & draping. Contact Shalini:
Email: shalinismakeupprofile[at]gmail[dot]com

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