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Nithya is the founder of The Ochre Shed, which does beautiful, one of a kind wedding invitations that are both contemporary, and classic. Her elegant yet bold aesthetic, along with her love for colours will ensure that you have wedding invites that’ll have people talking about them for days! Read on to know more –




How did The Ochre Shed start out?
It all started with an invite I did for a friend’s Goan wedding. I had accompanied her to Goa to help plan out the events.We spent a lovely few days roaming the churches, market places, ancestral houses and meeting her extended (soon-to-be) Goan family. It was all so wonderful – the thought which was going in to plan an intimate wedding for close family and friends. Her card had to reflect all of this and more !
So I began by discussing themes that she would like and then came up with the concept of an intricate Portuguese tile pattern (design from a tile in the Church where they were to wed) in colours of ivory, fuchsia and teal. This pattern lent itself to an elegant card and helped create contemporary and stylish stationary for the rest of the wedding – from a church liturgy, favours, tags, wedding events brochure to even personalized scarves and chocolate wrappers. It was all very customized and she and her family loved the detailing and the personal story which went into the design.
From then on I have designed for many friends, family and  clients – always ensuring that the card is unique.


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What is your style of design? 
I like personalizing my invites and try understanding the client’s requirement – including any personal back stories and the smaller details of the wedding. All these go into forming an inspiration board for the invite.
For one client – I had their “how-we-met” story printed on the inner flap of the envelope. It was a very personal detail which they wanted to share with everyone – she and her fiance were childhood sweethearts, and her fiance had “proposed” for the first time whilst in High School at a local park, with a bunch of local lantena flowers. She had “accepted”, and the lantena flower motif made it’s way into the wedding card, along with two royal parrots ( the birds of love – Kama, in Indian mythology). She loved the detailing and the design was used throughout her other wedding stationary
My design style is elegant, so I tend to work with people who identify with the same aesthetic. I love the Indian colour palette and the richness of Indian design – from beautiful brocades and textiles to vibrant folk art. So, I’m constantly inspired by the “Indian-ess” of everything around us. However, I do give a contemporary feel to all my designs and would like to call my style of design – Indian contemporary.
Once a client approves a design Idea – I flesh it out and we work towards finalizing the design, including the kind of paper, printing techniques etc. This makes a huge difference as a simple card can be brought life with a hint of gold or a flash of colour. I keep all my designs simple, without too much fuss around heavy cards and advise clients to think a little out of the box and to do away with superfluous elements. However, I do like the focus to be on small details – like a customized sticker and envelopes with a surprise / pop out element.









What do you love about your job? 
I like the fact that I can create memories for clients. And I love to translate personal stories into elegant design, filled with symbolic meaning. Weddings after all are high on drama and I try to make the wedding cards an integral part of the wedding drama (in all the positive ways of course !).








Contact Nithya – 
Email: nithya[at]theochreshed[dot]com
Phone: +91 9535035442
Facebook PageThe Ochre Shed

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