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Planning a wedding is no mean task – families pour their heart, soul and bank accounts into crafting a celebration of two lives in the presence of all their friends and well wishers. Everything is done with the best of intentions, and while it is regular to anticipate the occasional jerk in the machinery, what happens when someone (and by someone, I mean fate) throws a spanner in the works? Amrita happened to have her wedding scheduled on the 6th of December last year, the same time a freak storm hit Chennai and drowned the life out of the city. What happens when the day you’ve dreamed of for close to one and a half years is hit by a disaster of epic proportions? Ever since we revamped the blog, we’d taken a decision to keep the wedding story short and sweet – but we didn’t have the heart to edit anything from Amrita’s story, for it is a lesson in faith and optimism. {Spoiler alert: The beautiful couple had a dreamlike wedding despite all odds}

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My wedding story has a lot of takeaways and life-lessons but the biggest one is the importance of choosing the best of the best vendors for your wedding, relinquishing control and just looking at the big picture. I’m a big-time planner and it was only natural that I chalked out and planned each and every single detail of my wedding ever since I got engaged to my boyfriend of 5 years in October 2014. My husband I were introduced to each other by our parents who happen to be childhood friends and our families know each other for the last 80 years! My wedding was fixed to be held on 6th Dec 2015 so I spent most of those 1 and half years day-dreaming and planning. It was truly my dream wedding with lovely December weather in Chennai at a gorgeous outdoors venue in Chennai with three days of celebrations joined in by friends and family from all over the world. I had handpicked all my vendors after scouting the depth of the internet.

Little did I know what was awaiting me on what was going to be the most memorable and life-defining week I’ve ever had.
On Dec 1st, my then fiance and I decided to spend a day together grooming ourselves for the big day with a spa date. It was raining quite heavily when we started but we didn’t take it too seriously. When we were done and ready to go home we realised that the entire road was fully flooded with hip-deep water. We slowly started getting news that Chennai was starting to get flooded. I spent that night sleepless, staring at the rain wondering what was going to happen. The next day, we got the dreaded call that the venue was flooded and we could not go ahead with the wedding there. At the same time we also started getting news that our friends and family coming in from abroad could not make it because the airport was shut for a week. Many of our family members within Chennai gave us frantic calls that they were flooded in and completely cut off and some without food and water. Miraculously, the area that I live, had minimal flooding, no power cuts and had mobile network.

Since both the families live abroad there was no question of postponing the wedding date so gathering ourselves we decided to choose a venue close to my house cancelling many events and just having a minimalistic wedding. We chanced upon DGM Gold a new banquet hall which was not really meant for weddings but the owner promised us to get it ready despite the short time and boy did they deliver. His daughter happens to be a budding decorator and she did not want the bride to compromise on any of her decor dreams and promised to make the hall as beautiful as it can get.

Everything had to be re-planned within half a day but everything happened better than we could have ever imagined.Initially we were not in a celebratory mood but the enthusiasm of everyone around us, especially those who were affected made us realize that life has to go on. For instance, my mehendi artist insisted on coming and took a boat to get out of one of the worst affected areas leaving her 4 year old child behind and showed up on time. Major kudos goes to the sheer spirit of our entire team of priests, caterers, photographers, videographers, mehendi artist, makeup team and various others who despite lack of transport and having various issues of their own stuck to their commitment to make ours and other weddings happen in the city.
It’s hard to believe all this happened when all communication systems (mobile), power and transportation including the airport was shut but it seemed like nothing, not even mother nature could have stopped us from getting married. It was kind of bittersweet as we were upset that none of our friends and some of our close family (for instance the groom’s brother) couldn’t make it but we were also happy that the wedding was everything we wanted.

Amrita’s Amazing Vendors

Caterer – ASR (AKA Bombay Rajasekhar). Served amazing food throughout.
Photographer Rahul Sadagopan. The pictures speak for themselves.
MakeupAkriti Sachdev. As far as I’m concerned, the best in Chennai. Made me look fabulous and was like a friend when I was missing my girl friends as none of them could make it to the wedding).
Venue – DGM Gold
Decor– Surekha {Send Marigold Tales an email if you want her contact number!}

We’re so happy Amrita chose Marigold Tales to tell her story. Our very best wishes to the couple.

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