Colour Scheme Fridays – Red and Gold 2

So, we’ve decided that every third Friday of every month, we’re going to have a new colour scheme up on the blog to help you brides find inspiration for new themes (if you’re going to have any). Why have a colour scheme for your wedding at all, you ask? Because it really simplifies the shopping process by restricting your options, not to mention the pictures look beautiful! We have seen a lot of colour schemes on Pinterest, but they’re mostly for western weddings, so we thought why not create schemes focussed on South Indian weddings, and ta da!

For the month of February, we’ve picked red & gold, for not only is it the most classic theme in South Indian weddings, but also because February is the month of love, and what says love better than the colour red?

Red and gold is a ridiculously easy scheme to pull off: think temple jewellery studded with kemp, gold jewellery with rubies or similar red stones, rose based garlands, warm yellow LED lights and of course, a pop of green to give this scheme a distinctly South Indian touch.

Here’s a handy graphic that you can pin!

Would you follow the red and gold scheme for any event in your wedding? What other colour schemes would you like to see on the blog? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments 🙂

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