Meet Venkat Balaji – Wedding Photographer

Venkat Balaji is one of our favourite, favourite wedding photographers. He knows exactly how to capture emotions in a wedding, and it helps that he has a great sense of humour which translates on to his photos. We can’t get enough of his photos, and once you see them, you won’t be able to either! Read on to know more about him.
{Interview from January 2015, Photos updated February 2016}

venkat balaji

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How did you get started? 

My love for photography began when I was a Master’s student in the US and it grew to the point where it became my way of life – and I’m really glad that it has. I volunteered to shoot my cousin’s wedding in 2012 while I was working in Bangalore. Folks gave pretty good reviews for the photographs I shot and the magic of social media brought my first paid wedding shoot. I also dabbled with concert photography for a popular magazine and it really helped a lot in honing my low-light photography skills.

The number of wedding inquiries grew to a point where I had to quit my day-job to be able to take up more assignments. I shifted base to Chennai in October 2013 and I’ve been operating from here ever since. I really have to give it to my wife for being very supportive through the whole process and enduring my shenanigans. (You should probably do a write-up on how she manages to do so 😛 ).

What do you love about shooting weddings?

The fact that I get to be a part of two families coming together. To be able to capture a whole gamut of emotions which will otherwise be lost forever in time. I feel like Batman, being watchful all the time – a silent spectator.

Your favourite ritual to shoot?

There are two:

1. The few minutes after the groom ties the knot – that’s when a lot of hugging and tear-flowing in cramped spaces happen. Some of the best images happen during this time.

2. The bride getting ready is a ritual by itself and I love images that come out from that. Very RAW.

Your favourite wedding so far?It’s a tie between two – an extravagant gala wedding in Dubai which happened at the Atlantis – The Palm and a beautiful simple malayalam temple wedding in Guruvayoor. No matter what the wedding setup is, the happiness and joy in all of them are the same. I’m looking forward to my first US wedding this May and I have a hunch it will soon be my all-time favourite.

If you want Venkat to shoot your wedding, here’s how you can contact him:


Phone: +91-9962047369

Facebook Page (he’s very responsive to Facebook messages!) : Venkat Balaji Photography

Email: venkatbalaji28[at]gmail[dot]com


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