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Hiring a wedding planner is an idea that might seem daunting at first, but imagine the amount of stress that you’ll prevent by having a professional take reins of the wedding! Vida Weddings, founded by Shruti Ravindran, aim to take on this role of Wedding Planner while ensuring that the end result is exactly what you’ve had in mind. It’s still your wedding, only with way less stress. Read on to know more about them!

How did Vida Weddings Start Out?
I love everything about fashion. This passion led me to work with my aunt, Prabha Narasimhan at her store after completing my engineering in Biotechnology. The store does some amazing classy bridal work and it was obvious for us to be loaded with wedding trousseaus. There used to be so many tired brides coming in the last minute doing all their errands by themselves wiz meeting with the decorator, co-ordinating with the mehendi artist etc. That’s when it struck me to start on my own. What really got me going was after my own wedding. I realised that I had the knack for everything beautiful and was gifted with the skill set of co-ordinating and remembering things.





What do you love about weddings?
Weddings are crazy. It’s not just the emotion of the bride that I have to deal with but the entire family’s. It initially starts out as hesitance to trust to do a good job and ends with me being a part of many wonderful families. I simply love the smile across the bride’s face when she sees everything well-organised. This lets her enjoy and relax the wedding.




Your favourite part of the wedding?
It is when the groom ties the knot and there’s a flow of emotions everywhere. That feeling simply has no words and makes me go back to my wedding every single time 🙂



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What sets you apart as a planner?
I am a fashion stylist by qualification now. That comes to my advantage as I love shopping and more than that enjoy taking my brides shopping. So I normally head to the store a bit early and set aside a few clothes/ accessories (since I get an idea of the bride’s likes and dislikes before the shopping session). This results in faster shopping and a happy bride 🙂

Needless to say, Shruti is someone who pays attention to the smallest of details, and will ensure that your dream wedding pulls through without any hitches! Shruti offers a variety of services for all budgets. Here’s how you can contact her:

Wedding Planning Site:
Fashion Styling Site:
FB Page: Vida Weddings
Contact Number: +919884834737
Email: shruti[at]adhviksolutions[dot]com

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