Colour Scheme Fridays – Mustard & Pink

I know this is technically April, but I realized that I hadn’t put this post up in March despite the enthusiasm with which I made the graphic! Better late than never, anyway, so here’s a colour scheme for March which is close to my heart because given the choice I would live life in it.

Pink to India is what navy blue is to England – it’s the colour of our country, and that, paired with a bright, tropical mustard the shade of just ripe mangoes creates a visual harmony that just can’t be beat.

Mambazham yellow and pink have been a solid saree combination for years now, and you can amp it up by accessorizing with pink shoes. As far as jewellery is concerned, go the Burmese ruby route. Mustard and pink make for beautiful, bright invites, and decor can be taken care of with Marigold (of course) and roses. The occasional hint of purple pulls the entire scheme together! As always, here’s a handy graphic that you can pin.

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