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{Interview from October 2014 – Kishor eventually photographed Virupa’s wedding too!}


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I came across Kishor‘s work about 2years ago in a post on the Sabyasachi page (yes, we stalk designers too don’t we?) and started stalking his work on Facebook ever since. I finally got to meet him when he came down to do my Brother’s wedding last year and first hand I can tell you two things – he’s extremely down to earth and works like a ninja! I never knew where he was standing during all the festivities to have taken such seriously fabulous pictures. My task master/investment banker/EXTREMELY-hard-to-please-brother thought Kishor is very hardworking and patient be it at 5am for the pre-wedding shots or at 3am for the post-reception family shots.


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When did you get started?  


At a friend’s wedding in Aug 2012. One of the photographs that I took got featured by Sabyasachi Mukherjee and its been all uphill since then.




What drew you to wedding photography?


The colour and energy. These two seemingly simple attributes set apart Indian weddings from the rest of the world. When two families come together and celebrate with so much enthusiasm, it is an absolute pleasure to cover these memorable moments.




What are your favourite rituals to photograph? 


 It has to be a tie between the muhurtam and the post wedding games. Depending on which part of the country I’m shooting, the muhurtam can be the thali tying moment or the jeelakarra bellam or the pheras or even a combination of them! It is an emotional moment for everyone involved and it takes an experienced photographer to know how to capture to the once-in-a-lifetime moments. On the other hand, the post wedding games set the stage for a fun competition between the bride and groom and always provide for some exciting images.



The most memorable wedding you’ve captured so far?


It’s hard to pick a single wedding but I can honestly say that I love beach weddings as well as weddings where the bride & groom come from different states (or countries!). Seeing two separate cultures, rituals and practices come together is brilliant and I truly enjoy having the opportunity to capture several more interesting interactions between the couple.





This travel and art junkie based out of the regal and nothing-is-over-the-top city of Hyderabad also does overseas shoots, so do get in touch with him if you’re having a wedding abroad too.


Phone – 0091 9908 228822.
Email – kishor[at]krishnamoorthi[dot]com

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