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If you’ve seen close friends and family get married, you’d know that nearly half of their wedding presents are well, recycled, or mostly useless, to the point where you want to tell people that you don’t want any gifts! Having said that, weddings are expensive, and when you’re setting up a new home, you could use the help. In the US, many stores have wedding registries, where the bride and groom put out a list of presents that they would like, and the guests can choose which to get. So convenient, but also, so against Indian culture which requires you to accept whatever you get (even if it is a Feng Shui Frog Lamp – true story) with a beaming smile. But now, times have changed, and we now have a new service, The Wedding Wishlist which acts like a wedding registry. We got a chance to speak to them about their service, so here are more details –


How does wedding wishlist work? 


Using Wedding Wishlist is as easy as 1-2-3 or Create-Share-Receive! Prospective couple creates a list of exactly the things they need/desire, and share it with their guests. Purchased gifts are received by the couple per their delivery preference!

The couple’s Wishlist serves as a guide for the guests who can choose a gift that appeals to them as well as fits into their budget. As guests shop, the couple can use the Gift Tracker to review purchases and contributions

You can check out an informative one minute video, here.


Do my guests look at the list and shop offline, or can they shop directly from WW? 


They can shoponline on Wedding Wishlist. The website is Guests can look up the list online and can shop directly from WWL.


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Is it possible for someone to buy me the same gift twice? 


No , the website is extremely intuitive and the idea is therefore to avoid redundant gifting . For example, if you are a prospective bride and you had asked for 6 wine glasses on your wishlist, and I am your wedding guest and I choose to purchase only 3 of 6 wine glasses you had asked for. So when the next guest checks into your wishlist, the website will prompt the guest saying, 3 wine glasses have been bought, 3 wine glasses are pending.
This means the guest has  choice to either complete your wishlist of 6 wine glasses by buying the balance three OR alternatively look for other options that suits the guest budget from the list of things/products/experiences you have featured on your wishlist.


How do I keep track of who gave me what? 


Once you create your personal registry on Wedding Wishlist, a GIFT TRACKER keeps tab of all the guests who have made purchases towards your wishlist.
The Gift Tracker allows you to review purchases and contributions as your wedding guests shop for the gifts who have requested on your wishlist.


Is it possible to share a gift, or partially pay/contribute towards one gift? Can a group of people get together and buy me one gift? 


Yes , this is possible . You can make a partial payment or contribute towards a gift. You can check out this link to see how group gifting works!


So that’s how Wedding Wishlist works! Do check out their website, for they have some great gifts, including ‘experiences’ like holidays and spa sessions! Also let us know what you think of wedding registries. Is it a boon, or are we not ready for it yet?

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