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Your Mehendi function is the one event that you actually can have full control on – right from the guest list to the decor to the food without causing too many relatives’ gaskets blowing. So if you’re on the road to a Mehendi party at home, our tips and tricks will help you go easy on the budget but stay on the classy track!

Guest List: Your guest list should be the first item you think of when you’re planning a Mehendi Party! Personally I would pick a very private Mehendi ceremony that allows you to enjoy your closest friends and family to the fullest before the mayhem of events start. Since you’re the bride, you’re allowed to be choosy! So by rule of thumb I would say your Mehendi should have your first family and circle of friends. How do you know who’s on your first circle? Simple, if you have to give them your address, they’re not on the list 😀

mehendi at home


Food: Chaat is classic mehendi food. If you can’t find a caterer who does small numbers, simply buy Samosas, Aloo Tikki and Bhel Puri from your favourite Chaat Shop! We would recommend not ordering more than 3 types of chaat, because let’s face it, that’s just too much work. Also, most Chaat Shops would be willing to package the ingredients for Bhel separately, which means you can buy it early and mix during the party. #EndSoggyBhelPuri2016

Samosas are easy to procure and so party friendly! {Google Images}

Also, since summer is pretty much here and melting us all, cool off with Kulfis! TheSpiceSpoon has this amazing kulfi idea where the kulfi is set in glasses and propped up with neon straws! Full points for adorableness. You can also extend this with other drinks (Mango Milkshake popsicles, anyone?) and rest assured that they will keep everyone young and old happy! (Make sure you give them with a cup with it so they don’t ruin their outfits though!)

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Kulfi Popsicles for your Mehendi party!


mango milkshake popsicles

Mango Milkshake popsicles – YUM!



mehendi cupcakes, mehndi cupcakes, paisley cupcakes, mehendi party at home, planning a mehendi party, mehendi party menu, marigold tales

Mehendi Cupcakes for your Mehendi party. Of course. Photo from flickr

Mehendi patterned cupcakes are another fun way of sticking to a neutral theme, but be aware that not many do this, and ask for photos before you place your order. Also, please invite us if you’re having any of the above. Thanks.


Decor: What is the first rule of a Mehendi party? Colour, colours and coloursssssss! So go nuts! (But if you’re doing neons, give your guests some shades to prevent long term damage to their eyes). Small things like bright duppattas in sheer or bandhini with fairy lights, colourful streamers, paper lanterns, marigold flowers (uh, yes), pom-poms and colourful umbrellas are enough and more to keep you on track. Extremely low on budget but completely fancy for a Mehendi party at home! Who needs a planner when you have pinterest, eh?

mehendi party at home, mehendi decor, how to plan a mehendi, mehndi function, marigold tales

Dupattas everywhere! {photo: Pinterest}


mehendi party at home, mehendi decor, how to plan a mehendi, mehndi function, marigold tales

Photo: Pinterest

Favours: If you’re doing your Mehendi at home, then you’ve obviously succeeded in keeping the guest list to a minimum (congratulations on that by the way!) So now that it’s just your close family and friends, you have the opportunity to give them something special to take home. I would recommend varying it with age and that way your guests feel special and you will be happy knowing they’re going to use their gift!
For the special ladies on your list: Try clutches! Everyone loves them and uses them! So if you want to keep it common, I would recommend this. The really nice ethnic box clutches are a teensy pricey (think upwards of ₹1200/-) but they’re a favourite among all age groups. But if clutches are outside your budget, don’t fret! You can get nice potli bags done (plenty of tailors will be more than happy to make them for you if you buy them the material and give them a sample for measurement!), and they’re so much cheaper and just as pretty. Here are a few more favour ideas –

potli bag, mehendi favour, indian clutch, indian bag, ethnic bags, marigold tales

Potli bags are cute and perfect! {Photo: Google images}

Bangles – go chunky! Try a pair of gunghroo bangles instead of a dozen regular ones for the girls and silk wrapped metal bangles for the ladies (I have picked up quite a few for a steal online, so keep your eyes peeled!)

ghungroo bangles, ghungroo, mehendi favours, indian bangles, marigold tales

Ghungroo Bangles make for a nice change from the usual half dozen bangles as mehendi gifts. {Photo: Google Images}








Dupattas: If you have family or friends from up north, ask them to source you some nice bandhini duppattas to give to your girls. An alternative is matka silk, chanderi silk and also kanjivaram silk duppattas that are all the rage these days, but again, these might be more expensive.

dupattas, dupatta favours, mehendi favours, mehendi favors, mehendi gifts, mehendi planning, mehendi at home

Dupattas are also great mehendi favours. {Photo from Flickr}

So that’s our guide to planning your Mehendi at home! Have you had a Mehendi party at home? How did you organize it? Tell us 🙂

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