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Ok, so we were on a bit of a break, but everyone needs a vacation every once in a while, eh? So now that summer is well and truly upon us, we thought we’d come up with a snappy guide on how to care for your hair during the summer, and a few tricks to help summer brides ensure that their hairstyle stays in place despite the frizz, the dust, the heat and everything else that summer threatens to bring.

Summer Hair, Don't Care!

Understand Your Surroundings

Pinterest spoils us. What with its intricate hairstyles and step-by-step DIY instructions, tempting us to spend hours trying to master a hair style that could transfer us to front cover of bridal magazines but if you have walked away without any visible damage to your hair (some us didn’t) consider yourself lucky. Like you and everybody else, over the last couple of years we’ve saved a zillion hairstyle inspirations all saved up in anticipation for the many weddings we plan to attend which varies from over the top multilayer braiding to Kim Kardashian’s “natural waves”, which by the way, does NOT come naturally or easily to hair tortured by Chennai’s frizzmate (Frizzy + Climate = Frizzmate, get it?).

So the idea is to understand your surrounding, how the weather will be during your event, and so on.

As a bride there’s a chance that all your worst hair-day nightmares will come cascading down on you in the months leading to your big day, so here are a few things you should do, a few things you should not do and a few DON’T EVEN GO THERE! things to help you have the best stress-free hair days for your summer wedding events.

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Summer Bride meets Summer Braid AMIRITE

Every day Care

Try to stick to damage free hairstyles in the days leading up to the wedding, because as a bride, you want your hair to be minimum drama on the days of the important events. The summer can be relentless on your hair, so don’t forget to take good care of your hair! Damage free hairstyles are those that don’t require the heat of the straight iron or curling wand.

If you’ve oily/dandruff prone hair, restrict the use of post shower products (like mousse or cream), and stick to very light serums, and just for the ends. If you load up on mousse or cream or even serum on to your scalp, it just mucks up your hair and makes it more dirty and heavy.

If you’ve dry hair, soak in coconut oil for an hour before you shower, and use a light cream (avoid the roots! avoid the roots!) after the shower to condition your hair just a little bit more.

If you’ve normal hair, thank the gods for your luck! Keep it clean by using a clear shampoo, as opposed to an opaque one which can add to buildup and bring your hair down.

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Conditioning unconditionally

Consider taking the time to get regular deep conditioning sessions at a good salon every couple of weeks. They’re great for smoothing out your stressed strands and really add a coat of shine. If you’re pressed for time (we get you!), indulge in a hair mask, which will relax and treat your hair better than your regular bottle of conditioner.

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Hairstyle is to face type is to hair type

I want Jennifer Aniston’s hair. I cannot have Jennifer Aniston’s hair. There, it wasn’t that difficult now was it? Understand your hair type, its limitations and the weather (frizzmate! frizzmate!) before you fixate on a specific look, unless you’re willing to take the immensely destructible permanent hair treatments – which as you should know by now, are not actually permanent. They just give you traumatic gravity defying hair once your hair starts to grow out.

Pick your hairstyle to something that suits your face and will grow out to be manageable in the months following your wedding because you won’t make it your priority to take care of it in those months.

Cut your hair a couple of weeks before your big events so that you have given your hair enough time to settle down. If I were you, I wouldn’t lose sleep over how your haircut will work for an elaborate hairstyle for your events because your hairstylist  will (he/she ought to! Ask him/her about it when you make your booking) introduce you to the man-made marvel called hair extensions that make your hair, and the world look much fuller.

Once I sprained my fingers trying to do this at home

Once I sprained my fingers trying to do this at home

We love DIY, but not today

You’re spending on the photographer to make your memories look permanently good, you’re spending on the decor to make the photos look good, you’re spending on the outfits, so why not invest in a good hairstylist for your main events? We adore DIY hairstyles and all (and you should try it for your casual pre-wedding parties like your mehendi or if you’re having anything else), but unless you’re a certified hairstylist yourself, don’t take the risk on your wedding day. It’s not just about looking good – you want your hair to stay in one place during the 4 hour long ceremony where you’ll most likely be in front of a burning fire. You know how when on a rare occasion you wake up with remarkably good-looking and well behaved hair that convinces you that no matter what you wear or what craps on you that day your hair makes it all ok? On your wedding day, don’t leave that to chance. Make it happen.


What are your summer bride hair care tips?

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