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Finding lipsticks for Indian skin tones is a challenge, and more so when it comes to international brands, like MAC. Now MAC is one of the best brands out there when it comes to lipsticks, and with good reason – they’ve a massive colour selection, and a variety of finishes, like matte, sheer, and so on. If you’ve stepped into a MAC store, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the selection, and the truth is that what looks nice in the store display might not really suit your skin (I’ve learned this the hard way!).

After a lot of research, here are the five lipsticks which I think suits every shade of Indian skin tone, from medium to deep. For reference, I am between NC35 and NC40 in their shade range – which means I have yellow/warm undertones (common for most Indian skin tones), and would be classified as ‘fair’ in India, but medium internationally. The lipsticks I’ve picked out though, in my opinion, are universally flattering across all Indian skin tones because they do well with warm undertones (as opposed to like, dark/fair skin). They last long, and are of great consistency too.

Lipstick is a ton of fun, so really, you should wear whatever YOU like, instead of listening to what others say about what suits you, and what doesn’t, or whatever. Just remember that ANYTHING suits you the moment you like it 🙂

So here are my favourite MAC lipsticks for Desi skin tones –

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From Left to Right: Ruby Woo, Velvet Teddy, Lovelorn, Vegas Volt, Twig


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Swatches of the lipsticks on my skin


Ruby Woo: Ruby Woo is a beautiful, bright, blue-red which has a matte finish and lasts, like forever. The Sales Assistants at MAC recommend you buy this with the ‘Cherry’ Lip pencil – I did – and the lip pencil is really useful in ensuring that the colour doesn’t bleed or transfer. This is the perfect wedding shade, and is a super flattering red, and will make you look like a total boss at any wedding!


Twig: Twig is a great ‘dress up’ shade – it’s a rosy brown with a satin finish and is probably the best my-lips-but-better shade out there for skin that has warm undertones. What I love about Twig is that is capable of both standing out as a lip colour with bare makeup and standing in the background as a compliment to bold eye makeup. I really can’t get enough of this shade.

Vegas Volt: Orange lovers represent! Vegas Volt is a bright orange-coral with a satin finish. This might seem a little too out there, but it’s so pretty when you wear it. I personally think this will suit anyone and everyone and if you like orange and bright colours, you really shouldn’t look beyond this shade.

Lovelorn: Lovelorn is a pretty petal pink that has a sheer finish, so you don’t have to worry about it being too pink. It’s not barbie level bright, and at the same time it isn’t like wtf-i-don’t-see-any-colour-did-i-just-pay-1450-bucks-for-this-shit sheer, so really, it’s the perfect everyday pink.

Velvet Teddy: Velvet Teddy is a warm brown with just a touch of pink and a matte finish, and to be honest, I only got this because one of the Kardashians (was it Kim? Or Kylie Jenner?) was wearing it, and me being the sucker that I am, wanted to try it for myself. No regrets though. It’s a lovely brown shade and looks great with smokey eye makeup. Now, because this is a nude, this is the only shade that I would recommend you actually go and try in the shop before buying – some nudes are capable of washing your face out/looking like foundation. For more great advice on buying a nude lipstick, check out makeup goddess Lisa Eldridge’s guide on how to buy a nude lipstick, here:


So what are your favourite MAC lipsticks?

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